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“ We have been all around Thailand. Lived through all the frustration.
Wasted time, money and effort making all the wrong choices !!!
All of that you don't have to ! “ 

For hotels, resorts, tours, beaches, buses, trains or planes.
If you are planning a trip to the island of smiles, we will share our extensive knowledge
to help you make the most of your time and money. Giving you the best chance of
returning home with some great memories of Amazing Thailand!

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On Phuket.  No excuse for a  boring holiday.
A  50 km chain of beautiful sandy beaches.
With breathtaking sunsets from all of them.
More sightseeing and activities than you
could ever fit in or take photos of.
Great scuba diving and superb golf courses.
Vibrant nightlife and show, like the famous
Fantasea show and every delicious food from
every restaurant setting imaginable.
A perfect blend of convenience and exotic
Thai lifestyle.

Phuket has it all !

earby Islands.
Koh Phi Phi and James Bond
are the most famous but there are many
more, easily accessible, islands to choose from.
Half or full day tours or stay a few nights.

Nearby Provinces. Only one and a half hours
to the province of Phang Nga with its limestone
cliffs, temples and dramatic scenery. The same
road continues on to Krabi for white beaches,
crystal clear water.



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